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Amy Kahn Russell AKRN26

Amy Kahn Russell

  • $1,075.98

What a magnificent hand created painting!  So very Art Nouveau!  The picture is painted in a village in Russia well known for teaching artists this most distinctive craft.  Miniature brushes are used and with the help of a microscope, these wonderful pictures are created.  Amy Kahn Russell chooses from the best of these and incorporates them in her jewelry.  She sets it in sterling silver and adds a plethora of marvelous stones.  Among these stones are garnet, emerald, pyrite, hematite, citrine and amber.  Such beautiful warm colors to accent the tones in the portrait.  A most collectible piece!

Pendant is 5 1/8"L x 2 1/2"W    Necklace is 18"L x 1"W

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