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Echo of the Dreamer EDA125

Echo of the Dreamer

  • $1,899.98

This Mars and Valentine creation is an amazing show stopper! Mars and Valentine has used, from her collection, an absolutely exquisite cameos, the Roman goddess Diana. Diana's Greek counterpart is Artemis and she is sometimes referred to by that name. This cameo dates from approximately 1800-1820. The shell it is carved in and the quality of the artistry is beyond belief! This is a most valuable collector's item. Diana is the goddess of the wilderness the moon and of the hunt. Her arrows are associated with moonbeams. She does her work in the night. She was also the goddess of childbirth and protected young girls until they were ready to be married. She is a very protective and powerful amulet to have with you if you are a spiritual woman. This is one of the most gorgeous cameos we have seen in years. A true treasure.

Necklace is 19"L x 3/8"W Cameo is 2 1/2"L x 2 1/4"W

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