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Q. Is it possible to special order items from a designer which are not pictured on your website?
A. Yes, we will make every effort to obtain that item for you. It is our pleasure to do this for you.

Q. Is it possible to request other sizes or colors in jewelry items.
A. Yes, we can always try to accommodate your needs, such as a longer necklace, different colored stones, etc.

Q. If I buy from online, is it possible to return or exchange it at your store or do I have to ship it back.
A. You may return it personally to our store as long as you have your receipt and original packaging.

Q. Can Design Forum gallery repair items for me?
A. Yes, we can repair most items but please contact us at 860 677-7568 or email us at and we will explain to you the procedure to follow, but we will usually have to see the item first. Please insure returned items.

Q. Can I use my gift certificate or store credit online?
A. We cannot accept them online but you can call or email us and we will instruct you as to our procedure. You would have to choose your item, and mail your credit or certificate to us, insured..

Q. If I saw an item in your store, can I order it online?
A. You can email us at or call 860 677-7568 and we can arrange to ship it to you.

Q. How do I confirm that an item is still available?
A. If the item is on the website, then it is available. However, if you'd like to call and confirm, please call us at 860 677-7568 and we will immediately be able to tell you or email us at